About Us

Military and First-Responder Veterans

Bossa Financial Inc. is a veteran owned company that believes everyone deserves qualified professional help, no matter your current financial situation.

No two situations are alike, so it stands to reason that there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” financial product or service. At Bossa Financial Inc. we are dedicated to truly getting to know you and your family or company, before recommending any courses of action. It is extremely important that we understand you, and what it is you want to accomplish, so we are able to build and implement a plan tailored to you.

You may be an owner of a multijurisdictional corporation trying to set up employee benefits; A Military member or first responder, regularly moving your family across the country every few years; A single parent with less than perfect health, trying to make sure your disabled children are taken care of after you’re gone; or a family of 4 wanting to someday buy a house, and retire comfortably, while at the same time making sure the kids can get a good post-secondary education. No matter your situation, there is a company, with a product or service offering that can help you achieve your goals. We just need to find it!

It takes time and effort to build this type of relationship, and create a custom plan tailored to your situation. Add to this the fact that life isn’t static. Life happens! Things are constantly changing and evolving. Maybe you have a new baby. Maybe you lose your job and need to go back to school yourself. Maybe you recently changed jobs with a substantially higher or lower wage. Planning for your future is not a one-time event, with the documents to be stored away in a desk drawer collecting dust. Life is always changing and evolving, so your plans should change and evolve with it. That is why at Bossa Financial Inc., we are focused on building a business that will be in your corner for as long as you need, no matter what life throws at you, or where you end up in Canada.

It is important to you that you reach your goals, and it is important to us to see you get there! Thank you for taking the time to consider becoming a part of the Bossa Financial Inc. family.

Message from the President

Thank you for considering Bossa Financial Inc. for your financial planning needs. I would like to share a little about myself, why I started this company, and what I am looking to achieve.

I am a military veteran having spent about 20 years with the Canadian forces. The majority of my career was spent with the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry. I loved being an infantry soldier, and planned on it being a life-long career. I was fortunate to be able to see amazing places the world over, experience all sorts of amazing things, and make great friendships that will last a life time. Unfortunately, things happen, and my career goals were cut short due to injuries. I was medically released at the rank of Warrant Officer, and I needed to find a new career path fast!

Like many Canadians at one time or another, I found myself soon to be out of work, with children to provide for, bills to pay, and no idea what I was I was going to do. This is when a friend of mine introduced me to the financial services industry, and I found that I thoroughly enjoyed it. Granted, it isn’t jumping out of planes, or conducting rope rescue in the mountains, but I quickly fell in love with it nonetheless. I love it because I am able to make an impact in peoples lives, by helping them plan for, and achieve that which is most important to them – the future and well being of their families! With Bossa Financial Inc., people can stop wondering if they will ever reach their goals. They can get on with living their life, confident they will achieve their goals. I get the privilege to be there with them every step of the way, and share in their victories - because they are my victories too. I will always miss the military, but I am confident that I have found the right career path for me.

Being military, I am well aware of the difficulties associated with planning for your future when work is unpredictable. Not knowing where you are going to live in 5 years from now. Spouses living in different parts of the country. Constantly travelling and/or working during regular business hours, making it impossible to meet with an advisor. These issues are not limited to the military. Police, firefighters, paramedics, oil and gas workers, miners, trades people, business owners, government employees all have unique challenges as a result of their employment. No matter what you have decided to do with your life, you should be able to access professional financial advice and solutions, when and where you need it.

It is my mission to build a business that is able to provide you with the solutions you need, without the red tape attached. You will never have to worry about starting from scratch when you move, because it will be as easy as walking into your local office and picking up where you left off. Partnerships with many amazing companies across Canada, makes insuring people with higher risk jobs, or existing medical conditions both achievable and affordable. Spouses living apart can walk into different offices on either side of the country and handle documents required to implement a plan. Require access to money in your investments while you’re out of town? Its just a phone call away. What ever the reason, if you require professional financial advice or solutions, my team and I will work to remove the barriers to getting you the very best advice and solutions available.

I wish you great success in reaching your financial goals, and thank you again for considering Bossa Financial Inc. for your financial planning needs.

Geoffrey Sgarbossa, CD, QAFP™, RIS